Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Little Things

For a few years now I've found myself drawn to white ironstone--pitchers mainly--the simplicity, the curves, it all just makes me happy.  And I've admired out there in bloggy-land nice collections of ironstone displayed on shelves (for one of my favorites head here).  I've periodically checked ebay but never found anything for a "steal."  I knew my mother-in-law was heading to an estate sale, I told her to keep her eye out, and behold, my collection begins! Look what she found me: 
Would it be silly to admit they make me a bit giddy? ;o)
And they're even more special because they belonged to a very dear old lady who went to our church.  She's been gone several years now, but she was so incredibly sweet and known for her hospitality.  Thank you Linda! ;o)
I thought white dishes would really "pop" in my hutch--
Currently the hutch is home to all these pictures in white frames (I like how they "pop" too!). ;o)
Josh was rather concerned when he saw all these matching white frames.  But never fear, I've actually been very slowly purchasing them for the last 5 or 6 years . . . just when I happen to be at Hobby Lobby and they're half off. ;o)
Things are starting to "spring-ify" around here.  Originally I was going to make myself wait until the end of February to decorate.  But we have had nearly a week of crazy beautiful weather--when I logged onto my computer it was claiming it 70 degrees.  In February.  In Nebraska.  How can I not get out the spring stuff??!?  And I've also found myself cleaning more (who doesn't like that?) and have found it particularly lovely when using lavender scented products. Yes, I just used "lovely" and "cleaning" in the same sentence!  I LOVE the smell of real lavender.  That makes me happy too. ;o)
One of my new ideas for this year--

This is an old printer's drawer (what they used to store type in before the dawn of computers)--a craigslist score for $15.  It's in our downstairs bathroom--hence the toilet paper (to which Josh questioned "Now you're decorating with toilet paper?!" Yes, I am.)  And I thought it would be fun to stick a variety of eggs in those little slots.  I'm not going to fill it completely, but I do need to score a few more little eggs.  Nothing says "spring" like cute little birdie eggs. ;o) Well, for me anyway.  I feel a trip to the HobLob in the near future.  This weather also makes me want to pull out my sewing machine and start sewing children's clothes for spring . . . If there is such a think as "spring fever" I probably have it. ;o) 


Carolyn said...

Mrs. B. would be very pleased to see how nice her ironstone looks on your shelves........I remember thinking how much I liked thar covered casserole. In fact, I got an ironstone bowl from the sale. So happy that Linda shopped for you.........enjoy! Carolyn

Tiff said...

I am in L-O-V-E with those pitchers~! I too am in the mood for spring. I'm mulling over the idea of decorating my bathroom (including paint color change)...I need a change from time to time to keep things interesting!
p.s. I'm so glad I can leave a comment...for the past several months I couldn't leave a comment on your blog. WEIRD!

Anna said...

Oh I LOVE the printer's drawer decor, and the pretty white dishes in your hutch, how cute!! ..I'm feeling inspired. Happy [early] Spring! :)

Kathryn said...

Nice bloggy makeover!

Love your touches of spring! Keep those little dudes away from the t.p. decor! I could seem them coming up with an entirely different way to use those rolls. ;)