Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Busy Kids

While I admit to personally being in a "creating rut," the same has not been true of the kids.  There seems to be a constant flurry of activity, paper and markers scattered through the downstairs, pieces of yarn and felt littering bedroom floors . . .  And while busy kids tend to be messy kids, busy kids are also QUIET kids. ;o)  And we all love that!
From Emmett--
Various pictures of happy little trains, cars, airplanes coming from his little hands, and a particular fondness for the letters E, O, W, T, and M.  That picture is a train (in the event you were uncertain). ;o)
From Jackson--
The first in a series of "spring" pictures.  I'm loving the bug variety and bright, cheerful colors.
From Isabella--
She has been sewing up a storm!! All these creations have been made without a single bit of Mommy assistance.  Starting on the left is a recycled sock doll, a rag doll, a wee cyclops buddy (over the ragdoll), an owl, a pillow, and a doll blanket.  I was impressed at her ability to follow directions from a book (although she decided not to use the suggested patterns . . .) and make these all by herself.  My favorite? The owl. ;o)

The book she is using was one she got for her birthday last summer.  It has some great patterns for kids (or adults) to do. 
And from Marissa--
It's me!! ;o)  She's been attempting to draw more realistically.  We checked out an Usborne "faces" book from the library which has been helpful.  While I still get the occasional picture from her, most of her free-time is spent either reading or writing (she's writing a book you know).  ;o) As much as I loved to write as a kid, I think she's already gotten me beat.  Periodically I read her book to see what she's been up to, and I must admit, my jaw kind of dropped when I read this:

"The wolves voices died away.  And the gate disappeared in a cloud of fog.  Silvery gray twigs snapped under Jenifer's feet.  Dark figures of trees loomed over Jake, Jenifer, and Maya, making them feel small."

Now, of course, the whole story is not written in this way, but every now and then I come across descriptions that surprise me. 
No creations from Owen yet, but he still fits the title of a "busy kid."  Have I mentioned the accompaniment he composes on the piano while the girls practice violin? ;o)  It's loud.  I figure that some day should my girls ever perform in public the whole building could burn down around them and their concentration would remain wholly intact.  Little brothers DO come in handy for some things. ;o) 


Anna said...

Wow, wow, WOW! I just cannot believe how incredibly artistic all of your kids are! Tulips are my fav--great pics from both your boys, and the girls' sewing and art--and the artsy story blurb, love it all. And the owl is so cute..loved this posting, made me smile.

Kathryn said...

I love ALL of this! So nice to see the little dudes using markers and crayons on mother approved surfaces! ;) I won't be a bit surprised to one day see a book published by a missionary named Marissa and what darling creations by your Bella! Delightful!