Sunday, January 2, 2011

Word for 2011

"Love is . . ."
I need to react better to life's daily "disasters"
I want my kids to react better to life's daily "disasters" (I recently came across good advice that went something like this "Whatever it is you want your kids to be, be that." That says it all doesn't it?)
I want to be remembered for kindness not "barkiness"
I do not know how long or trying the interview/hiring process will be for Josh--this is THE YEAR!!
I have many activities I want to do but I may not be able to do them this year

I'm drawn to many words in the definition of patience--the thought that patience is an act of will, a choice I make on how I react, steadiness in the performance of a task--not too different than what has become my "life word"--steadfast.  Oh, and the waiting . . . without complaint.  I've been firming up my "waiting muscles" for awhile, but it's the "without complaint" part that is still a struggle.  I read somewhere that we often "write" the plans for our lives in bold Sharpie when we need to be more of the etching-in-pencil kind of people, leaving room for God to edit and change as He pleases.  That would have been some good info to have when I was getting going on my own! ;o)

So, patience--I'm looking forward to growing in this area this year, in spite of the fact I've already blown it several times and we're only on day 2 . . . :oP  It may be a long year.


Mom said...

Good choice, Janna. This is such a profitable exercise that you do every year. That part "without complaint" is so difficult...for me, too. So I'll be praying for you (and will you pray for me?) concerning this word and how we'll live it out in Christ's strength. Keep me posted on how things are going. I love you!!

Anna said...

Thanks for your encouraging word, Janna! I'm loving hearing what's going on in that head of yours, makes me think about my own life and needing to grow in areas too...may God bless your patience-seeking year!!