Friday, January 7, 2011

Week in Review

--Josh survived his first week as a student teacher, adjusting to leaving the house at 7:15 and many nights not returning until the 9:30 pm range. Summed up: I got to pack him a school lunch every day. He's becoming quite the fan of baby carrots.  And he will never wear his "salmon" colored shirt again due to its similarity to "pink" and the subsequent ribbing that ensued from the other "science dudes."  But all in all a good week. ;o)

--We started back to school too.  It seems my eldest has a hard time getting back into routine and consequently THE ATTITUDE was back in full force.  As a result my parents offered to take her "on retreat" and picked her up yesterday afternoon.  We went and got her this afternoon in hopes of getting some time to play outside on the farm. Unfortunately it is rather windy out there--like hold-tight-to-the-steering-wheel-or-you'll-blow-off-the-road windy.  We stayed inside. 

--Jackson has grand plans for a family sleepover in his room.

--Owen is officially a toddler.  Not only is he throwing various items in my trash, stuffing his pants in the toilet, and emptying oatmeal containers, but he has all figured out how to climb ladders:
Thankfully, he stops after that second rung and gets on Emmett's bed.  Heaven-help-me when he figures he can climb to the top. (please ignore that diaper . . . it is possible he was a bit overdue for a change) ;o)

--Tomorrow is grocery shopping day!  I had to move it from Friday to Saturday mornings since Josh no longer has Friday available.  But since he has to work tomorrow (and eventually will have a Saturday class) I have scheduled grocery shopping for 8:00 am.  Josh is sooooo excited. ;o)  We could wait until he gets home from work, but there is supposedly a snowstorm a'coming and I am not going to Wal-mart on a Saturday afternoon with a snowstorm on its way.  I envision a very peaceful experience tomorrow morning at 8:00.  Tonight I'll be putting the finishing touches on my menu and list.  Monthly shopping kind of requires a bit of preparation but is SO worth it.

Wishing you all a cozy Friday indoors--I wish tonight were "Soup-er Saturday"--on the menu tomorrow Wisconsin Cheese Soup (I'm trying out a new recipe) and that sounds soooo good right about now!


Kathryn said...

Whew! That's quite a week! Hope the mini-retreat helped and that next week will be better. (I admit my attitude about starting back to school after the break wasn't too hot either! :{

As far as the saggy diaper....I'm pretty sure it's universally understood that if you are anything other than the first born that's just NORMAL. :)

Anna said...

Ah! Ladder climbing from your 1-yr-old!! He's amazing. And SO GLAD for student teaching in force, that is really exciting. Sounds like a great productive week...I'm aspiring to be a pro-meal-planner like you someday. ;)

..oh, and I didn't notice a "saggy" diaper, but a well-utilized/dollar-efficient catcher in place. Cute pic!