Thursday, January 20, 2011

School Notes

What I wish every day looked like . . .
Truthfully, most of our days involve dealing with this . . .
It seems Owen is under the impression that he is 3 or 4 or 5ish.  He must do what everyone else is doing. His determination has meant that no area is safe from his little monkey self.  We are constantly dealing with him on our table, *running* across it with glee, wrinkly our papers with pudgy feet and hands, doodling on our books . . .  It's cute.  To a degree.  I've tried strapping him into his chair and sitting him at the big table with stuff to do.  That usually starts out grand but ends with him trying to play peek-a-boo with the tablecloth (and the tablecloth is a necessity because we are dealing with an old, peeling table surface).  I'm back to the drawing board (and would welcome ideas!) on how to keep the little guy out of our hair . . . literally. ;o)
The boys remain letter-obsessed.  Yesterday a call came from the local elementary to find out what Jackson's status would be.  I remember when they called about him last year, and I found myself kind of reeling with shock that he could be attending kindergarten (for the 2010-2011 school year).  But this year I'm feeling so much better and much more confident in his kindergarten readiness--a year does make a huge difference!  That call also reminded me next year I could have my oldest three gone from the home on a daily basis doing their schooling elsewhere.  It makes me wonder always, how would our life be different, how would it be easier or harder . . . 
Marissa has developed a huge fondness for grammar, so much that she told me she "accidentally" did 6 pages yesterday.  I said that was fine and she was done for the week.  This morning she told me she was done with her math and grammar, of which I reminded her there was no need to do anymore grammar for the week. "But I just LOVE it!!" she gushes. ;o)  She also used her Barnes and Noble gift card to buy for herself 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea . Yeah.  I keep asking if it is too hard, and she affirms that there are tricky words in it (she just skips over them . . .) but she is plodding through it.  If only she would show the same tenacity for other subjects like, oh, math.  Or practicing violin.
And my Bella.  She has been on a reading strike, informing me she didn't like it, didn't want to do it, blah, blah, blah.  Enter the Felicity doll.  Felicity was being discontinued at the end of last year, so we bought two
of her outfits and tucked them away for Isabella to have at a later date.  Then Josh came up with the brilliant idea that they could be reading incentive.  Felicity's holiday dress can be had for 500 pages.  And now she is reading CONSTANTLY.  Four books (Felicity books of course!) in the last 2 days.  Apparently we have found her "love language."  She sits with the American Girl catalogue plotting all of her future purchases.  Oh dear.  I'm not quite sure how deep our pockets will run for this . . . ;o)
I'm contemplating a new curriculum for next year, or possibly venturing off on "my own." We shall see.  For now I'm doing lots of researching and praying that I can find the best fit for all of our needs--and have a good idea before the curriculum fair comes around again. We're definitely on the "downward slope" for this year though, and that is a wonderfully grand feeling.  Now to make it through February, the "desert" of the homeschool year. ;o)

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Anna said...

Oh I love this peek into homeschooling life! Look at Owen, already coloring...and the love of grammer cracks me up...hope your Feb. (and the rest of your year!) goes very smoothly. :)