Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh that boy . . .

Josh--"Go up and comb your hair."
Janna--"Usually I do his hair for him."
Josh--"Well, there's a first time for everything."
Jackson leaves to go do his hair.
In retrospect he was gone for a rather long time.
He returns . . .
Josh--"What happened?!?"
Jackson--"I could see my hair, it was too long."
Josh eyes me sternly--"DO NOT laugh."
I struggle to keep a straight face.
I can't.
I laugh and laugh.
I snap pictures.
I attempt my own stern voice "Jackson you don't cut your own hair!"
I'm sure he got the message. ;o)

But hey, laughter definitely beats the crying I did when Marissa chopped off a whole hunk of hair dead center and sheared Bella's bangs to the scalp!  I attempted to even out his haircut the best I could.  I have a feeling we will be heading to the hairdresser before the day is over.  I guess I should have listened to him yesterday when we getting Emmett's haircut.  He was pretty insistent he needed one too.  He did a right thorough job. ;o)


Anna said...

Oh, how funny!! (er, terrible I mean)...glad you can have a sense of humor about these things--such a cute boy, he won't be looking too bad I have a feeling. ;) ..but oh the potential of a snip of scissors.

Kathryn said...

LOL!!!! I'm glad you could laugh about it. I do think it's probably easier to laugh at a little boy cutting their hair b/c the growing out process won't be quite so hard. I still remember Marissa's haircutting venture and you had every right to cry. Good memories. :)

Mom said...

Never a dull moment with Jackson in the house! I laughed along with you, Janna. Hope to see you all this week sometime so I can get see the new "do" in person!

Elizabeth said...

Yep, I feel your pain. At least he is a boy and if worse came to worse, he can get a really short cut. Jillianne cut her hair prior to Christmas and I had to get her in for a shorter-then-we-would-have-liked hair cut. I'm talking nearly short like a boy. In retrospect, I should have said, "give her a pixie cut." At least then I would have been able to style it a bit better!