Monday, January 17, 2011


Ah. Monday.  We meet again.
Last week saw 3/5 of the children vomiting at various points during the week.  I'm thinking that phase has past.  Unfortunately, not before we shared our germs with a certain grandpa who has been laid low by a knee replacement (and then surgery again after a fall on the ice . . .).  Hopefully he will forgive us? ;o)
Today found me making yet another appointment for this fellow:
(pictured today at lunch, feeding himself while sleeping)
He's been clawing at his face/ear and hissing--causing me to acknowledge the fact he was--perhaps--in pain.
Possibly because he is cutting 4 molars.
Possibly because his ear is flaring up again.
So, I determined to get him an appointment. 
Problem #1--it is Monday and we all know all the parents who dealt with sick children over the weekend hold out until Monday to get their child into the doctor.
Problem #2--it is a holiday Monday and we all know that parents who have the day off today are going to jump at the chance to get their child in today rather than have to take off work at some later point in the week.
That being said, we were able to secure a 4:00 appt. at the office 20 minutes away (as opposed to the office 3 minutes away).  We all see where this is heading?
25 minutes in the waiting room.
45 minutes in the tiny exam room awaiting the doctor.
(the boys, about 40 minutes into the wait)
The last half hour of which Emmett would peek out the door every few minutes saying, "Uh, doctor?"
(I would half-heartedly discourage him, but deep down I was kind of wondering the same thing). 
He's three.  He can get away with such questioning.
When the doctor did show up he commented on five children waiting so long and mentioned he had six children.
I instantly liked him.
All that aside my little guy has yet another infection, his third in less than 2 months.  We're trying a stronger antibiotic this time.  My little boys and their little ears. :o( 
We got his medicine and came home to supper awaiting us in the crock pot.
Which was rather serendipitous on my part. ;o)
Marissa discovered that drowning food in Dorothy Lynch makes everything palatable (similar to a certain sister I have and her fondness for ketchup).
My floor needed to be mopped last Thursday. Surprisingly, it was still requiring such attention today!
I think every single toy has been dumped out upstairs.
In light of that it is possible I dipped into my "camera fund" and purchased for myself this.
I just know it will be a FABULOUS read.
And a great little treat after a bit of a trying day. ;o)


Anna said...

Oh man, that sounds like a rough Monday--hope today is much better!! That book looks REALLY good, I might want to borrow that sometime (p.s., I still have Fitzpatrick's A Steadfast Heart--is that the one you wanted to borrow sometime?) Anyway, hope the rest of your week is full of blessings, dear!!

Kathryn said...

Grrrrrooooooan! Mondays at the dr office have got to rank right up there on "Things to Torture Yourself With" list. Hope the meds kick in quickly.

That picture in the booster seat is pretty priceless!

Kathryn said...

Oh, and let me know how the book is. I've been thinking that looks *really* good!