Monday, January 24, 2011

Great Day!

So, yesterday was lovely . . .
The girls and I had a wonderful "girls day out" and listened to a fabulous concert from the first row of the balcony put on by Joshua Bell and accompanied by Sam Haywood.  Neither of them were too shabby. ;o) I was struck by how effortless (it seemed) each played, just pure buttery silken goodness.  I'm not sure I've ever heard a violin sound just like that--certainly the fact his violin cost a few million dollars had a bit to do with it--but more importantly the focus, passion, and drive it had to take to get THAT good.  I thought how true that is of everything . . . what appears effortless in our own lives to others takes so much dedication behind the scenes.  Is there anything that is truly easy?
So, the concert, wonderful! But then afterward, surprise!
The girls "hanging" with Joshua Bell. 
I was delighted to discover a little meet and greet (and a very manageable line).  Hopefully this will be a special memory for the girls (and a wee bit of inspiration in the practicing area . . .  there's a lesson to be had in everything, right?). ;o)  Thanks for the tickets Granny and Papa Roy!! ;o)

(Oh, and a side note for those of you following our "ear" saga, I currently have three children on antibiotics and today after nap Emmett is clutching his ears in pain.  Looks like another trip to the doctor . . . They couldn't have spaced it any better if they tried! *sigh*)


Kathryn said...

What a special night for you and your girlies! Does his violin *seriously* cost that much??? Yowza!

:( on the ongoing ear infections!

Anna said...

Oh good grief! What a bummer about those poor little ears, I'm praying for you guys!!

And WOW on the concert and autographs, that is SO great, I'm so glad you guys got to go, what a perfect outing for you girls. ;)