Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Fun~Linky Love

Admiring these adorable little embroidery patterns, and contemplating making some for my girls, or maybe someday for a "reading room" that would house all the books and comfortable furniture . . .  It would sit adjacent to the huge and spacious school/laundry/mudroom that would not have carpet but shiny floors and lots of windows where my kids would peacefully do school work and paint while I kept up with the laundry.  A girl can dream right? ;o)

Loving this idea for a kids "writing center"  I guess this blogger also recently had a book come out (that has gone on my Amazon wish list). ;o)  And anyone know where I can get a cute little chicken coop like that (preferably sans chicken poo)?  I can envision using them for all sorts of organizing . . . like for instance all of our hats, mittens, etc.  Or all my sewing notions. Or . . .? What would YOU do with a chicken coop?

Looking for some pretty piano music? Check out David Nevue.  I need to get myself some cd's and make them the daily soundtrack.  I think I would be in a much better frame of mind when I discover the boys in their room with the current crayon population carefully cutting each color in half with scissors.  Not that MY boys would ever do such a thing.  And OF COURSE there are no crayon-decorated sheets gracing their beds either.  That would just be silly.

Here's the curriculum I'm considering for the girls next year. And this for Jackson.  I'm still researching though . . .

I'm cautiously optimistic that we're all on the mend . . . even Owen! ;o)  He is so much happier, jabbering again and being his goofy self.  Hopefully that will be the last of it.  Can you believe it's the end of January?  Today's warm (for January at least) temperatures gave me a slight spring hankering.  I squashed it down right quick, but it always is a bit encouraging to have January behind you, right?  Happy weekend to you all!

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Anna said...

Oh I'm SO GLAD to hear Owen is getting better too, what a relief..I too have been enjoying the sunshiney promise of the Spring ahead. And I love all the links! Hooray for the homeschooling picks...looks like the boys' cutting/coloring skills are already fully-developed, maybe you can skip that chapter for them? ;)