Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Antibiotics and Fresh Air

Should you ever find yourself in the situation where 4/5 of your children are taking medicine, each starting their 10 day cycle on a different day, have I got a practical idea for you!
Behold, the "spreadsheet" . . .
I printed off a blank 100 chart online (which was perfect for a 10 day course of antibiotics) and allotted each child two rows--although Owen's was only once a day--and then I put other pertinent information, like the starting date, and what day each dose is on (and hey look, there's even room for Marissa if she gets sick!). ;o)  And now my brain doesn't feel so overloaded.  I taped it to the fridge, I mark it whenever I dose people up and now life is that much simpler.
And then yesterday in attempt to burn off some energy (they may have "ouchie ears", but it is not enough to slow anybody down . . . they've taken to playing freeze tag and running loops around the living room) we all went sledding (this counted as my workout for the day too, three times pulling Emmett in a sled back up the BIG HILL at Pioneers Park, two times giving him a piggy back ride--particularly painful after my meet-up with Jillian yesterday!).
It was SO FUN.  And brought back wonderful memories of the nighttime sledding I did with my family when we were little.  But oh!! I got some "air" a few times.  It was jarring to say the least . . . ;o)
This week began a new schedule for Josh--we've worked it out so he can take a leave of absence from the paying job and do the unpaid one instead. ;o)  We realized it was going to be too much, particularly with a Saturday class thrown into the mix.  And so we're starting to get used to this idea of having a daddy around in the evenings.  It feels really weird . . . exciting (as in "Yay I don't have to simultaneously bathe children and do kitchen clean-up!" not that I DID that simultaneously . . . although Marissa has overseen Owen's bath many a time).  But it is strange to know there IS a 2nd string coming in . . . it makes me rather giddy! ;o)
I think we're all on the mend, although I still have my concerns about Owen.  He is--to put it bluntly--a river of snot, which is usually not the case for one on antibiotics.  He is slated to head back to the dr. on Monday, but I may be taking him in again sooner than that. It's become my home away from home. ;o) 
Well, time to make breakfast. Happy Wednesday everyone!


Anna said...

Oh, you poor dear! I've been praying for all those sick little ears in the house--love the pretty spreadsheet though! And the sledding day looks like tons of glad Josh can be home a bit more--hang in there with the sick babes!! *hugs*

Kathryn said...

True "Good Mommy" status achieved when you can make the dosing of antibiotics look cute and fun. :) Oh how I pray that you can get those kiddos well again. Come. On. Spring!!!!

So happy for you that Josh can be around more! You guys are still outnumbered but at least there's two of you to team up against the 5. :)