Friday, December 10, 2010

The Surgeon

Yesterday morning I happened upon Jackson in the midst of intense play-dough play.  The table was strewn with gingerbread men, most with their legs cut off.  I was disturbed that such a macabre scene was being
produced by my son.
Upon questioning him on the cut-off legs, he informed me they were getting new knees (Grandpa has recently had knee replacement surgery you see).   So, I observed the process:
1.  Cut off the leg
2. Take a the end of a small rolling pin and hollow out a little spot in the "stump"
3.  Roll a little ball (knee) place it in the hollow  
4. Reattach
5.  Good as new! (Some atrophy is to be expected, but with therapy, this little fellow should be getting around just fine in no time)


Mom said...

Jackson is always thinking! Love it!

Anna said...

Oh I'm laughing so hard!! I love his take on the knee surgery--and perfectly executed on that gingerbread play-doh man.

..perhaps he will be a surgeoun someday? :)