Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas Summary

Our Christmas Eve picture--
The Cooley Cousins (minus the four from Texas)--
Singing happy birthday to Jesus on Christmas morning--
Owen REALLY enjoying the boys' present--
Cousins on the Hansmeyer side lined up and awaiting gift distribution--
We had a fun weekend, busy enough without being too busy.  The kids are super enjoying their new stuff. 
The favorite gifts:
Marissa--ridiculously excited to get an adult book on how to write children's fiction (she began reading it right away) ;o)
Isabella--got "Felicity" a combination present from us and grandparents.  Felicity is the colonial American girl doll and is currently accompanying Bella everywhere
Jackson--the Jessie doll from Toy Story (along with an alien, Mr. Pricklepants, and soldiers--we nearly have enough for a display)
Emmett--the cars/roadway/garage (also a combo gift involving us and both sets of grandparents)
Owen--he's really into his Usborne "That's Not My . . ." books, he got the snowman one and the penguin one and he has exhibited some concern if somebody else is looking at them. 
As for Josh and I, I got him a heating pad so he would stop sticking his cold feet on me when he comes to bed (and he loves it!) and he got me a wireless mouse/laptop sleeve so I am fully mobile--since I foresee SO much time off by myself in a coffee house with my laptop. ;o)   One gift I'm super excited about was from my parents--tickets for me and the girls to see Joshua Bell when he comes to the Lied next month.  It has been CRAZY long since I've gotten to go see something there (or *ahem* anywhere). ;o)
And that brings Christmas 2010 to a close.  I absolutely cannot believe that 2011 is just a few days away. 
I've been thinking of my "word of the year"--do you have one yet? ;o)


Mom said...

Great Christmas memories! Love the pictures of the kids!!

Remind me what your "words of the year" have been in the past. One I have been thinking of is "humility". Let me know what you decide!!

Anna said...

Oh I like your word of the year idea--and what great pics! Your kids are all so beautiful. ..and I'm SO GLAD you get to go see Joshua Bell, that is a perfect show for the 3 of you girls.