Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy 1st Owen!!!

In those first hours following your birth I should have been sleeping.
Instead, my mind raced with joy--you were here!!!
My heart burst with awe and praise--five healthy children!!!
And while you slept, and your daddy slept, I lay wide awake in my hospital bed praising God for you, teary-eyed and emotional, feeling completely and undeservedly blessed.
I will never forget those quiet, dark, and snowy first few hours of your life.
I relished the weight of a baby in my arms again.
I cherished you sleeping on my chest.
Fully conscious of how fast a year can pass, I snapped pictures of everything,
fingers and ears,
forehead wrinkles and feet.
I wanted to savor every last moment, remember every last thing,
because I knew . . .
. . . I knew.
 You were to be the last.
And so I shoved cameras at whoever was available.
I wanted to remember how I looked with an infant cuddled close.
My memories of last winter are sweet ones.  Ones of quiet and stillness, and lots of sitting and staring.
You were adored.
For the last 365 days you have been unabashedly loved.
In fact, nightly I have been told, "I am thankful for my sweet baby Owen," when I ask your siblings to tell me what they're thankful for--by at least one, if not several of them.  And on the eve of your birthday they were
giddy with excitement that the next day was YOUR day. 
We have watched you grow and change this year.  We have giggled and laughed at your antics.  We have hugged and squeezed and snuggled to our hearts' content.
You have become the very heart of our family.
You are our precious treasure.
I praise God for you sweet Owen.
You will always be my "bonus round."
Happy birthday littlest man!


Anna said...

Aw, this is so sweet!! I am in love with that last picture of the two of you smiling..all of these are great pictures, and sweet words to express the undeserved blessing that children are~ happy birthday, little buddy!! Hope the day is extra special. :)

Kathryn said...

Your birthday tributes are always so beautiful and *sure* to bring me to tears. VERY sweet pics and of your very special boy!! Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair how fast that first year goes!! Happiest of happies, Owen!!!