Thursday, December 23, 2010

Days 22&23

Yesterday our activity was celebrating Owen's birthday--

We decorated the chalkboard and hung up birthday cards . . .
We got him balloons . . .
We had a tasty brunch-styled meal, opened presents, and blew out the candle on his cake.
(Everybody laughed at my candle placement, but it seemed the most logical place, "corncob pipe" and all.  He's probably ruined for life). ;o)
We gave Owen his first taste of cake.  I think that tongue hanging out means he liked it? ;o)

And we snapped a decent pic of all five together.  They love their little buddy!
And today we had our muffin tin nativity meal (pretty similar to last year) only that coconut-covered banana is suppose to be a woolly sheep--you all got that right? ;o)
And I think that wraps up our "make-a-memory" activities for 2010!
Tomorrow will be our normal Christmas Eve stuff, and Christmas morning will be our birthday party for Jesus.  I may pop in with some Christmas wishes, but the blog should be quiet for awhile--I'll be busy recuperating and vacuuming glitter.  I think I finally got most of it washed from my hair.  Oh well, I guess sparkly dandruff is better than the other kind. :o)


Kathryn said...

I love the pic of Owen peeking through the blue balloon and the smoking snowman cake is classic. :) Your crew of 5 is blessed to have you as their mama....making all these memories and being gracious enough to allow those memories to include.....glitter! :)

Merry Christmas, friend!

Anna said...

What a fun messy cake picture, and I LOVE the one of all of them together--looks like a fun birthday for Mr. Owen! :) Happy Christmas to all of your sparkly bunch!!