Sunday, December 19, 2010

Days 18&19

I know, I'm late. But yesterday, Day 18, we scrapped plans, that winter scene is just not happening. ;o) In it's place we spent a few hours at my sister's home celebrating my nephew Drew's 2nd birthday.  Then we thought, "Hey, let's go roam the mall together as a family of seven on a Saturday the week before Christmas." It was as fun as it sounded.  And then we came home and played a rousing game of hide and seek.  I believe Marissa gets the award for the best spot--she managed to squeeze herself into an empty diaper box. (!!!) She said it was cramped. ;o)
And today, Day 19 we're going to be enjoying the children's program at church (yep, another freebie).
So, boring stuff to blog about.
In light of that I thought I would take the opportunity to show you my Christmas/winter decorating, seeing as it's nearly Christmas and before you know it stuff will be coming down again.  Actually, aside from the tree and stockings I think most of my stuff has a wintry enough feel to it that I'm sure it remain through January, if not February too.
First up, a winter burlap banner, replacing the autumn one, and my most favorite pine cone of all, a huge sugar pine cone that I got at Michael's last year . . . it's about 14 inches long!
Next, on the piano, a window box filled with cedar boughs from my parents' trees, spruce cones I painted/glittered, and the "Silent Night" sign I made last year.
And here's the hutch, my most favorite thing to decorate for the seasons.  It's similar to last year but with a more neutral palette going on.  I swapped some pictures out of those frames and put in my JOY letters (since I wasn't "feeling" the red frames this year).  And yes, those are green pumpkins.  It seemed a shame to throw out a good pumpkin just 'cause fall was over, and I liked how they looked.
And finally, the spot that never fully got completed.  I meant to get another bottle-brush tree for the empty cloche.  It didn't happen.  I wouldn't mind an apothecary jar or two or another cloche.  But I was trying to use what I had, and well, this is what I had. ;o)  Good enough.
And there you have it, a tour through Christmas Decor' 2010.  ;o)


Kathryn said...

LOVE all your wintery decorating and a glimpse into your cozy places!!

Your description of the trip to the mall made me laugh.

Anna said...

Oh I LOVE all this!! I was really hoping you'd post your decor...and I love the pumpkins. I tried to cook my blue/green pumpkin and it wasn't a hit...wished I had carved a hole for a candle or something wintry to put in it...this is all SO lovely, I'm always so impressed with your high-end-looking-but-crazy-frugal way of decorating. ;)