Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 8

"Make Popcicle Stick Snowflakes"

This one is a bit of an improvisation--I had meant to buy a collection of white buttons that we would glue all over the sticks.  It would have been so pretty. But alas, it did not happen, so more white paint and glitter.  (Have you caught onto my theme yet?) ;o)  They're going to get hung in the tree.  For now they are setting in a container with my other cheap decorating tip for 2010--go to your parents' home and prune their cedar trees of all the heaviest "berry" laden branches. ;o)  I've got greenery tucked everywhere and I love those little blue berries on them, and it was *free*. 
And this morning I was told to "C'mere!" I found my little mommy Bella sitting in the kid-sized rocking chair with Owen--she had rocked him into slumber:

I have the BEST big sister helpers--Marissa will give him stroller rides around the house (inside, in the umbrella stroller) while serenading him to all of the verses of "What Child is This?" and Isabella loves to sit and cuddle him up.  Both of them have induced him to sleep many a time.  I don't know what I would do without them!


Anna said...

The ornaments turned out beautiful! They look perfect with that green backdrop..and the sleeping pic! That is TOO precious. :)

Mom said...