Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 6

"Draw Pictures for Great-Granny and Nursing Home Residents"
A super easy activity to start our week. In fact, it was so easy Jackson is convinced we didn't do an activity and wants to know when the "real craft" is going to happen. ;o)  The above picture is his artwork, and I must admit, when I saw this picture, it made me get all teary-eyed.  You see, this is a picture of when we were out in Massachusetts in June of 2009, and this is our last glimpse of Great-Granny, waving to us from her apartment window, us in the minivan below (and a flock of seagulls overheard just 'cause). ;o)  It's still a vivid image in my mind because I recognized at that moment that may be my very last glimpse of her.  And apparently, it's a very vivid image for Jackson too.  That boy--he's always surprising me.
And not to change subjects, but I must share with you all a glimpse of my new kitchen help:
The kitchen (with his mama) seems to be his favorite place to be--in the dishwasher, in the cupboards, emptying  the pantry or the towel drawer (and then "hiding" underneath the towels).  Good times. ;o)


Mom said...

Great-Granny is going to love Jackson's picture...and all of them from the kids. I know she'd love to come out here to see everyone.

Anna said...

Aw, cute pictures! How precious that Jackson drew a fond memory of yours also..and your busy little helper is TOO cute. :)