Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 21

"Make Owen's Birthday Cake"
Tomorrow's the party, and today the kids helped me ready this cute little snowman cake and clean up the house in anticipation of guests coming to celebrate our baby's first birthday.
A year ago today about this time I was wandering around Super Saver with my family, commenting that these contractions were starting to hurt a bit more.  But I had been having on-again/off-again contractions for awhile, so I wasn't going to get too excited.  Ha!
Did I ever mention that we got to the hospital when I was just about 9 cm?
Such fond memories . . .
Anyway, I'm also down to the wire on finishing Owen's birthday gift:
It's a fabric photo album, featuring rainbow colored pages and 12 photos I printed off on iron-on fabric.
I still have a tiny bit of hand-sewing left (closing up the pages), but I think I'm going to pull it off.
This morning it was seriously a pile of unsewed fabric!
Nothing like living on the edge! ;o)

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Anna said...

Oh, the snowman cake is SO adorable--and the fabric album! What a seriously GREAT idea. LOVE that, it's beautiful..and kudos to you on finishing a project so timely in the midst of a busy week..happy birthday Owen!!!