Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 20

"Make Paper Snowflakes"
Originally I was going to do a mitten garland, but I'm starting to lose steam. :o)  Instead we used coffee filters and snipped ourselves a blizzard for our window.  The boys obviously struggled with this craft a bit--neither of them have cutting skills that are up to par (unless of course it's their own hair . . .) but I took directions for "their" snowflakes, like "Cut a diamond there!" or "Make a curvy line there!" And it all worked quite well.
And rather serendipitously my resident poet, Marissa, crafted a little tome entitled "Blizzards" today that I shall leave you with.
Blizzard and it's dull gray clouds
Cover the sad day with a shroud.
The snowflakes are white and made of lace
and fall to the ground in a glorious pace.
The weight of the snow makes branches droop
I'm gonna eat some potato soup.
The snow swirls outside my window
I think it wants to put on a show.
Some blizzards are big and boasting
And through the town it will be coasting.
Some blizzards are quiet and shy
and soar softly across the sky.
And that night when no one's awake
the blizzard will silently, silently take
the houses, the sidewalks and crooked old trees
the sheds, the pond, and my garden of peas.
So when you go out please build a snowman
Who welcomes the blizzards like nobody can.

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Anna said...

Oh my goodness, the poem is GREAT!! She should get it published in a children's magazine, WOW. :) ..and the coffee filter blizzard is lovely.