Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 16

"Goody Making Day"
So, here are the goodies . . . candy-dipped pretzels and puppy chow . . . because I didn't think we were consuming enough sugar between the decorated cookies and fudge and peppermint popcorn and all. ;o)
And oh you should have seen my kitchen.  Emmett somehow got to be the designated sugar sprinkler, a title I believe he was a bit premature to hold.  While cleaning up Marissa complimented me on being a good mommy, suspiciously I asked her "Because I make you lots of sweets?"
"No, because you didn't get upset with how crazy Emmett got with the sugar," she replied.
Awwww.  Chalk one up for me (and perhaps it off-set my reaction later when he dashed the Europe and Asia continent puzzles to the ground). :oP
And so the morning was devoted to sugar in its varying forms.
Guess what the afternoon was devoted to?
Don't you just love a good pre-Christmas purge?  The girls' room was sorely in need.  Between the silly-band collection, 73 notepads of varying sizes, and miscellaneous fairy drawings, there was stuff EVERYWHERE.  Oh, and I realized why their available socks had dwindled down to about 3 pair between the 2 of them--somebody has been tossing dirty socks in the closet!  I was quite excited to find those. ;o)
But I was brutal (and my trash bag was full!) and now we have this: 
(for a few moments at least) ;o)


Kathryn said...

I've been doing the pre-Christmas purge, too.....which is why I'm trying to pawn things off on you. ha!

Looks great....the clean room *and* the goodies!

Anna said...

Wow, a very productive day for you all! Now I'm in the mood to rampantly get rid of things too.. :) The goody bags are so pretty, and the girls' room looks great!

Mom said...

Love the girls' clean room! They are such good helps for you. Maybe you can send them my way!