Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 15

"Make Snow Gnomes"
I envisioned these frosty looking guys, in blues and whites frolicking in our (yet-to-be-created) snow scene.  And for the most part Marissa, Isabella, and Emmett shared the same vision (but added a bit of decoration to the hat).  They were kind enough to go along with the pattern I had on hand.
And then there was Jackson--
Let me tell you how this went down . . .
Jackson whines, "I don't want a silly hat, I want a prince with a crown!"
I cut out a crown.
"Give him a red coat."
I locate the red.
"He needs a sword."
I snip/whittle/hot glue toothpicks to be a sword.
He looses that one.
I make a second one.
"I want another coat that sticks up around his neck."
I snip and fiddle.
"No, that's too big . . ." I snip some more, "Yeah, like that and make it stand up."
I fasten what is essentially a green pop-up collar.
"He needs a sheath for his sword."
At this point I give him the evil eye and state I will not be making a sheath.  He sobs. Grumbling I set about making a sheath out of felt and hot glue.  I attach it on the prince's waist.
"Nooooooo!" He wails. "It goes on the other side!" More tears.
I make an adjustment. Phew, satisfied customer.
Don't get me started on the princess.


Kathryn said...

Cracking up! Great job on the Kingly Gnome and his Princess.....I do believe she has a bit of a sneer on her face. Maybe you were projecting some feelings as you drew??? heehee!

Anna said...

Oh the prince & princess episode crack me up--but they turned out SO cute! :) ..and you get an A+ mom...I unfortunately cut our most recent craft short for an urgent nap. . .

Jill said...

That boy makes me laugh!!