Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 13

"Make Gingerbread Houses"
We did a little switch with activities today, making gingerbread houses instead of the winter scene (which may or may not happen as I have not located plaster).  This kit for a "gingerbread village" was $9 at Walmart (I'm thinking it is looking more like a "gingerbread shantytown" but whatever). ;o)  It was really a great little kit since each kid got their own house and full creative license. 
And Owen found the perfect place to hang out during the whole process--
Is he brilliant or what? 
Sitting under the table, finding whatever falls on the floor . . . we've officially created a little sweet tooth monster. ;o)

1 comment:

Anna said...

..he IS a smart little puppy. And the village turned out SO cute!