Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 12

"Attend Church Christmas Concert"
Upon reading the slip of paper announcing what we were doing today Marissa said with confusion, "But we were doing that anyway."
True.  It was a freebie day for me. ;o)

So, we went to the concert.   I sustained a paper cut just prior to the start that kept bleeding through the first two songs, rendering me nearly incapable playing . . . just kidding. ;o)  I think it was Frederic Chopin that would cancel concerts if he had a hangnail?  But don't quote me on that.

My favorite song was "Here With Us" which you can go check out here.  The phrase about the hands of God being so small just floors me.  When I think of the tiny baby hands I've had the privilege to marvel over, and then consider Mary doing the same over Jesus' hands . . . goosebumps. 


Anna said...

Dido on the favorite song! ..loved that one, kind of a "Mary Did you Know?" theme comparing Christ's deity & humanity..and at least you followed through on your freebie! I had planned the same thing, but we chickened out and left the kids home with a sitter..TOTALLY needed the early bedtime. ..hope that papercut gets nursed back to health soon. :)

Kathryn said...

haha, Marissa!!!

Owen was a total sweetie in the nursery....although when he was taking his little snooze I was thinking "I hope this doesn't mess up bedtime for his Mama!!"

I *love* that song, too! Sarie did such a beautiful job. When I sing in my dreams.....*that's* what I sound like. :)

Thanks for your faithful service in the orchestra....even *with* your papercut! ;)