Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 11

"Cookie Decorating Day"
Seeing as we have officially finished up school this week and Josh finished up his classes just today (YIPPEE! Student teaching here he comes!), it seemed only appropriate we do something super fun this snowy Saturday.  We coerced encouraged Josh to join in on our festivities, which went a little something like this:
Me, "Careful with that squeeze bottle sometimes they get clogged and explode."
About three cookies into it,  Josh has caused a frosting bomb of epic proportions . . .
He was then demoted to cleaning crew. ;o)
Jackson won the award for "Can I have some cookie with that frosting?" this year:
In the end I believe an enjoyable time was had by all.
(After taking this picture they all began running laps around the living room, I assume due to sugar overload)
And thank goodness we're done with school, because it's going to take the better part of next week to return my kitchen to its pristine state (yes, I'm giggling guffawing). ;o)


Kathryn said...

Gorgeous cookies! So happy that you appt'd Josh as clean up crew!!!
Enjoy the coming "school free" week!!!! Think of me....slaving away. haha!

Anna said...

LOVE all the smiling faces by those beautiful cookies! ..and LOL at JOSH causing the frosting explosion, I took one look at the pics and thought for sure one of your (little) boys caused it. ..congrats on finishing classes, Josh--hooray!! (and to all of you!!!) What a huge milestone...hope the student teaching goes well...I know ALL of you will be ready to have hubby/daddy around more often. :)