Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 1

"Make Glitter Initial Ornaments"
It's December.  My brain has been in a bit of a whirl trying to process that information.  Is is just me or is time traveling by with mind-boggling speed?  In light of it being December 1st we began our count-down activities--a super speedy and easy one for this busy December day.  Originally I had planned to buy wooden cut-outs, but when you have five children that add$ up rather quickly. ;o) Plan B--enlarge a font in Microsoft Word and print out their initials on cardstock, paint with white glue, cover with glitter, and tie some silver stretchy cord around them. They aren't as heavy duty as the wooden ones would have been, but they still look pretty on the tree. Day 1 is done (except for the fact I believe I will be finding glitter in a variety of odd places for the foreseeable future). ;o)

P.S. My blog header is looking kind of sad and bare, but I haven't gotten all my pictures loaded into my new computer yet . . . and it just didn't seem right to keep up all that fall stuff . . . so I'm working on that. ;o)


Anna said...

Yay for fun stuff! These are pretty and sparkly, love the initial idea. :)

Kathryn said...

Luke was down here when I looked at this yesterday and he said, "What does MIJEO mean?" haha! I explained! Happy 'de-glittering' :)