Monday, November 29, 2010

Pine Cone Wreath

I've been busy putting the finishing touches on Christmas decorating (and digging out from underneath the messes of a rather busy Thanksgiving weekend!).  Getting ready for the Christmas tree always results in rearranging, putting certain decorations away for the time being, and all that jazz.  It is not uncommon for Josh to return home and find furniture located in all sorts of different spots. ;o)  And then I end up blank spots that need a special something--in this instance the doors looked kind of naked--so I decided to make wreaths.  At first I was desiring some boxwood wreaths.  After much research I realized that it wouldn't make a difference if I went the real or fake route--those wreaths are kind of pricey.  Then I noticed the cool wreaths that Ballard sells.  Regardless of the size ($29 for 12 inch, $99 for 24 inch) that's just not a cool price. ;o)  But yay!!! These are very easy to copy.  I used white pine cones I had gathered last year (the big ones) and some small spruce cones I found this year, hot-glued them around a 12 inch grapevine wreath, dry-brushed the tips of the cones with white paint and then sprinkled a fine glitter over it all.  The end result:
A 12 inch wreath for around $4!
Mine isn't as free-form as Ballard's, but I love it just the same.  In fact I've made two so far--they're kind of addicting!  Oh--that burlap I hung it with on my door?  I was admiring Ballard's burlap ribbon, but again, can't really justify the price, so I just snipped the correct width out of some burlap yardage, and that problem was solved too. 
And if you can stand one more Ballard knock-off, their pine cone ornaments (to match the wreath of course!) are very easy--just pine (well, technically the ones I used were spruce) cones, white paint, glitter, and some wire ornament hangers.  Pictures to come . . . ;o)


Anna said...

Yay for my cheap & chic friend! This is GORGEOUS--I thought you were showing the expensive version, you did an amazing job!! ..I love all your tips, this is one of my fav's. :)

Mom said...

Looks good. I am always amazed at your you know that didn't come from my (or Dad's) genes! Ha Ha