Monday, November 22, 2010

Owen at Eleven Months

So, I'm playing a bit of catch up and back-dating this post because it just won't do to be late on it (and I wouldn't have been late, you can all be assured I took the pictures on the 22nd, I was just lacking in a computer to put them in). ;o)

Anyway, Owen is officially 11 months old and in the countdown to his first birthday (which has me feeling all sorts of mixed emotions that we won't delve into at this time).  I chose to upload this photo of him at 11 months--truly it is a mess of a photo--but it just makes me smile, the blur of motion, the look of sheer delight on his face.  I really love it.

At 11 months Owen is walking more and more and more.  In the last week his steps have grown from 1 here, 2 there, to 5, then 8, then 11.  He still crawls a lot because it is faster, but we all love getting to see his tipsy steps.  He loves to be on top of couches/beds/tables (closely supervised of course!) and he also loves to look out windows.  He has begun trying to "wear" stuff, accessorizing with whatever stray shirt or stretchy bead necklace he comes across.  He's still nursing (and striking crazy poses, like "the ostrich" or an arabesque--nursing isn't so much of a cuddle session anymore but more of a time where crazy acrobatics and contortions are practiced) but he's also eating more and more table food.  So, I'm sure the days of nursing gymnastics are numbered.  (More mixed emotions not to be delved into at this point). ;o)

But life is good, and Owen is a DELIGHT to all of us daily.


Anna said...

I LOVE this 'action' photo of him--he's saying "ROAR! I. AM. BOY." --and love the cute tidbits, those nursing/wrestling sessions--oh how sad that 1st year goes. Enjoy your last month of official babyhood! Another handsome little man on your hands.

Carolyn said...

Owen is such a sweet baby. I'm thankful he's healthy and active but I'm sad for me. I loved cuddling with him during SS hour in the crawler nursery. Looks like he will be graduating from crawlers.

Kathryn said...

Little Man full of action! Love it! Hard to believe that he's 11 months. It seems like you were just doing the countdown to his birth....can't believe you'll soon be celebrating #1.