Monday, November 8, 2010

A Monday in Review

The Good--
*After many a math battle Marissa is really "getting" it.  I checked story problems today, many 2-part and she was nailing them! Yippee!
*Josh's help in bailing out the sinking ship that is housekeeping . . . Before he headed off to his practicum he helped me tackle upstairs general untidiness and then cleaned the living room carpet.  I love fresh-cleaned carpets!
*Made "Chocolate Peppermint Snaps" (cookies) for snack.  Warm out of the oven cookies, need I say more? ;o)
*After a week of laziness, I got in a morning run (and yay! it's lighter in the morning--for awhile anyway!)

The Bad--
*After mopping the kitchen floor a few days ago I think the kids have managed to spill apple cider on it no less than 38 times.  And in spite of my vigilance in trying to wipe it up, it is sticky--everywhere.
*I may have eaten six cookies.
*I mean seven.
*I left Jackson alone in my room with four neatly sorted baskets of laundry (boys, girls, adults, towels).  I returned to one big pile on my bed and Jackson buried in the midst.  I was not so happy.
*A part broke out of my dishwasher--Josh can fix it--but I had to do dishes by hand tonight. The girls helped with drying and only one glass bowl was broken in the process.

The Ugly--
*Called my father-in-law to get his take on present day demon-possession and the possibility that Emmett suffers from such a fate after I hauled him (Emmett that is, not my father-in-law) kicking and screaming from the YMCA after dropping off Isabella.
*Jackson sent a container of yogurt soaring off the coffee table (which should not have been there in the first place) splattering mixed berry goodness all over my freshly-cleaned carpet. *sob*
*The loud decibels my voice *may have* reached upon discovering my now-not-so-clean carpet :o(

Thank goodness for "mercies new every morning."  I used up my full allotment today.


Kathryn said...

Regarding the good: Yay for math success, a helpful hubby and cookies

Regarding the bad: I feel the pain on your kitchen floor. WHY is it that a juice spill makes the *entire* floor sticky even if you wipe it up?? Perplexing! 7 cookies is *entirely* acceptable....especially when you consider that you went for a run in the morning and you needed something to distract you from beating up Jackson after his laundry fiasco!!! :)

Regarding the ugly: It is encouraging (in an odd way) to know that I am not the only mom that "loses it" sometimes and I will praise the Lord right along with you for His never ending faithfulness and mercies!!!!

Hugs, friend!

Anna said...

Oh, no that sounds like a rough Monday!! Praying that Emmett is feeling better (and the rest of you stay healthy!) ..and will pray for a GOOD rest of the week!! Hang in there..and I'm with Kathy--you only ate 7? ;)