Saturday, November 13, 2010


Yesterday, I managed to acquire the mother of all viruses on my computer--DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT search out "elmo cupcake ideas" or all sorts of bad things will start to happen.  I left Josh trying to figure out my mess. (I was heading out with the girls to their sleepover).

I returned several hours later to learn Josh had located the virus but it had deleted our spyware (or jargon of that sort, I will admit to all of this being a bit over my head).  He needed to download something new to "put in".

Well . . . he tried that.  He's pretty certain the computer is a goner.  Which is okay because he's been planning a Wal-mart camp-out on Black Friday to get me a new laptop (where he acquired his last year).  So, I can make it two weeks with limited computer access . . . right?

But then my washer had a tiny electrical fire/wire frying party.  It stopped midcycle, a load of darks floating in the water . . . a small charred circle underneath the lid. I called Josh after he got out of his Saturday class.  He thought he would swing by Sears and peak at the "2nds" to see if there were any good deals.  He found one, roughly the price of a good deal on a laptop.

At this point we were both thinking he could resuscitate my computer and that the washer was hopeless.  However, I was still kind of bummed that my combo b-day/x-mas laptop was going to become a combo b-day/x-mas washer . . . yippee.  Because I really enjoy doing laundry and all. ;o)

But SURPRISE the washer wasn't dead!  Josh was able to snip, strip, and rewrap the offending wires and *ahem* flip a switch in the fuse box and voila!!!  My washer works again.  And I still get a laptop which will come in handy in light of the desktop's recent illness.

It's always fun to see how God will work situations out as they arise.  I'm also thankful for a husband who over the years has acquired just enough skills to keep all of our worn-out stuff limping along just little bit longer.  We're hoping for another solid year from that washer (well actually we're hoping for another solid year from a lot of stuff . . .). ;o)

But you might not hear from me much in the next few weeks--I'll just have Josh's laptop in the morning before he heads out for the day.  It'll be good for me though, as much as I am loathe to admit it, a working computer can be something of a distraction. ;o)

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Anna said...

Oh how sad. R.I.P., dear computer...and so glad the washer is up and running! I'm very impressed at Josh's resuscitation there. Hope the computer fast goes well! :)