Monday, November 1, 2010

Make Your Own Mayflower!

I had admired PB's (you'll have to enlarge the thumbnail picture of the table to see what I'm talking about!)cute little Mayflower "place card" holders and thought it would be a fun way to set the kids' table for Thanksgiving this year.  Theirs were $6 (x 8 kids= a lot to spend to decorate a table).  But they looked copy-able (is that a word?). ;o) And they were!
The nitty gritty:
Roughly one piece of brown felt per boat (in the end I was able to get two boat sides and two boat bottoms out of one piece)
Orange embroidery floss (or color of choice)
Small dowel-type sticks (I bought these last fall at either Hobby Lobby or Michael's, they came in a package, not the open stock dowels)
Card stock/paper for sail
Cut a canoe type of shape for the boat sides, tape together these pieces along the sides (notice my pen marks on the boat shape, that's where the tape should end).  Then I traced around the shape my taped-together boat formed, giving me the pattern for the bottom.
Use a blanket stitch to sew them all together.  Where the corners meet gets a bit "fiddly" but it all fit together nicely.  I think you can figure out the sail. ;o)  Fill your boat with candy corn, acorns, small pine cones, etc.  Right now the candy corn is anchoring the sail--I might try to find a better way to keep it anchored (clay perhaps?).  In the end I think I ended up with about $0.35 in each boat, which is more along my lines of pricing. ;o)  Happy boat-making!


Kathryn said...

Darling! I've been waiting for these pictures! ;)

Anna said...

I love it! Yet another great idea...mmm, and that candy corn appetizer. :)