Friday, November 19, 2010

Make-a-Memory 2010

I *think* I have my list of activities finalized, and I've begun the purchasing of supplies.  Some of the ideas are the same as last year, but I think I've added enough new stuff to keep it "fresh." ;o)  We will be finishing up our first semester on December 9th, clearing up the remaining two weeks before Christmas for some hard-core merry-making. With all the extra rehearsals (orchestra for me) and requirements for us to be out of the house it just makes sense to ditch all formal schooling as soon as possible.  (and I love that I have that option!) ;o) So, without further adieu, the list:

1. Make a Glitter Initial Ornament
2. Read Jan Brett's "gingerbread books" and make gingerbread play-dough
3.  Make Tin Can Lanterns
4. Make Clothespin Angel Ornaments (similar to these)
5. Make homemade cocoa mix . . . drink cocoa ;o)
6. Create cards/pictures for nursing home residents/mail to Great-Granny
7. "Peppermint Day" Involving our candy cane book, play-dough, beading candy canes on pipe cleaners
8. Make Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornaments
9. Paint!!! A winter or Christmas scene, hang up our own art gallery
10. Attend a live nativity
11. Christmas cookie decorating day!
12. Attend the adult Christmas concert at church
13. Make a winter scene (had plans to do this last year, but never got around to it)
14. Paint/glitter Salt Dough Snowflake Ornaments
15. Make winter "snow gnomes" (to play in our winter scene of course!) ;o) Like these only no-sew
16. "Goody" making day--dipping pretzels, making fudge, etc
17. Christmas Lights Tour in our jammies with muffin tin snack trays of "goodies"
18. Gingerbread House Building Day (probably a kit from Wal-mart)
19. Attend the children's Christmas program at church
20. Make a felt mitten garland (like this, but no-sew)
21. Celebrate the first day of winter! Help Mommy bake a snowman cake for Owen's b-day, decorate/make presents for Owen
22. Celebrate Owen's birthday with a snowman theme!
23. Have a muffin tin nativity meal
24. Attend Christmas Eve service at church and celebrate at Grandpa & Grandma Cooley's
25.  Happy birthday Jesus!! Presents and a birthday breakfast!


Anna said...

Oh man, I've made my list, but I'm already wanting to switch to some of these awesome ideas--GINGERBREAD PLAYDOUGH!! ..oh, and let me know which live nativity that you are going to. 1st.Free is not doing it this there one on our side of town? ...LOVE all your ideas! Thanks for the inspiration~

Kathryn said...

Such a *great* list! Love all your inspiring ideas!