Sunday, November 21, 2010

Last week--in bullets

--I couldn't figure out why my ring was suddenly tearing up my pinky finger, I looked down to discover one of the tiny diamonds AWOL and a prong broken (hence the torn up skin on my pinky).  So I'll be ringless for awhile . . . I've been wanting to make a few "tweaks" to my setting anyway.  I'm not sure when I'll get around to it, but in the meantime I do remain married even if my finger is naked. ;o)

--I was delighted to discover a "printer's drawer" on craigslist for $15.  (It's a drawer used to store type for printers--before everything was done by computer and all)  Plans for my drawer would be turning it into a spot to display our tiny nature treasures.  I wasn't digging the cicada shells found lying all over the place this past summer . . .

--I'm slowly making my "fall to winter decorating transition." It's become rather involved as I find myself gravitating towards cream/taupe/black/burlap/glitter/pine cones.  I'm not sure what kind of style that is, but I've been painting again and sparkling things up a bit.  Every year I think "I love this!" and then the next year I do something different.  Is that neurotic?

--I got my hair cut, pretty short for me, but I'm really enjoying it.

--I would love to share some pictures, but I'm not in the mood to upload things into Josh's computer--less than a week until mine should be purchased! Yippee!

--I've survived pretty well with limited computer access.  I would love to tell you how sparkly my house is because of this lack of distraction, unfortunately I haven't noticed too much of a  change.  I HAVE been more on top of things, it would seem though computer distractions are not the problem . . . kids are. ;o)

--Owen has a yucky nose today (why I was not at church). :o(

--Jackson has been "getting his craft on" constructing pop-up dioramas and beading "Christmas necklaces" for the siblings.  I love when he gets busy like this . . . much less refereeing of fights for me! ;o)

--I'm SOOOOO very much looking forward to a quiet Thanksgiving week, light school, very few activities (just orchestra rehearsal), and tasty food. ;o)  The weather outside definitely hints toward quiet and cozy!  Hopefully I'll have some extra time to join Jackson's ranks and get busy with some craftiness of my own. ;o)


Anna said...

Bummer about your ring..and can't wait to see your haircut! Missed you at orchestra, hope the noses aren't running too much, we've had a lot of goo this season too!

..and the sparkly creams & whites and blacks & burlaps sound gorgeous! Have a great week~ stay warm & have a cozy Thanksgiving. :)

Elizabeth said...

Janna, I'm sure your life gets very busy with all the kids and activities, but if you ever find yourself needing/wanting some adult company. I would love to reconnect with you, we are after-all, cousins and we live in the same town. Best part is that I could bring Jilli over and she could run ragged with the kids!

Kathryn said...

I *loved* your hair cut!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Janna, I just passed you the baton for the Relay of Friendship. Check out my blog and findout more. Love ya! Beth