Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Post on Planning

I'm in the midst of menu and holiday planning right now.  Once November hits I switch out of my "blissful autumn days" mode and start trying to figure out how I can make my life as easy to manage as possible with the holiday craziness that is about to descend.  I've been settling into a good kitchen rhythm--one humongous grocery shopping extravaganza done the first Friday of each month (Josh has Fridays off this semester).  The first week of each month I go through my menus (I'm up to four now) and plug them in on a calendar which gets taped to the fridge. I print off my grocery lists and write in anything extra we need.  There are still trips to the grocery store that happen, but those trips are just for the things we go through quickly, fruit, milk, bread, etc.  These I can manage with my entourage' (or Josh will pick up a few items here and there on his way home from work).  I'm trying to work in a good kitchen cleaning/organizing routine during this week too--organize pantry/fridge, wipe them out, etc.  It makes sense to do all of this at the same time instead of just waiting until everything is in desperate need of attention. (Like my fridge right now . . .)

As far as the holidays . . . I'm making my lists and purchasing as much online as possible (taking advantage of email offers for free or a flat rate shipping or Amazon's "super saver shipping").  My sister and I can go on and on about our love of shopping through Amazon. ;o)  It is every mommy's best friend (or anyone who doesn't enjoy crowds . . . really, is there anybody who DOES actually enjoy crowds?!).  I'm also planning our "make-a-memory" activities this year.  A gal at church did a great little class yesterday on keeping Christ in Christmas and got me all excited to get those ideas organized. 

All these thoughts bring me to what I love most about planning--wait for it--pretty calendar pages and sheets to write on!!! ;o)  I found these free printables I think are sweet--she has a calendar page for each month of the year as well as "week at a glance" pages too.  So, if cute pages (and a colorful pen!) excite you as much as me, here are some links to enjoy! Head here for the month pages, and here for the weekly ones. I just printed my December ones off and I've got my red and green pens ready for some heavy duty planning. (You all choose the appropriate color for the time of the year right? ;o)


Kathryn said...

I just like you and your enthusiasm for these things. :)

Anna said...

I'm loving all these tips, Janna! ..and I'm seeing our need to convert to the 1 big monthly trip with smaller weeklies...and the meal planning! Thanks for the this posting.

And long live Amazon!