Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Carving '10

Friday night was our (2nd annual) pumpkin carving.  Armed with the not-quite $3 kit we went to work (and by "we," we all realize I mean "I").  Jackson was beyond excited all day and kept asking when it was time--here is the face he picked out of the pattern book (picture below).  The girls designed their own.  Emmett requested "two triangle eyes, a circle nose, and a happy smile" and for Owen (and by Owen I mean "me") a pattern of an owl on a branch. ;o)
About two pumpkins into it the larger of the two nifty knives broke, leaving me with a more miniature version.  About the time I was starting in on the 4th pumpkin that knife broke too (and I felt my carpal tunnel returning . . .).  I finished up with a miscellaneous assortment from my kitchen--paring knife, dull steak knife, etc. Phew! Who's idea was it to have five kids anyway? ;o)  Isabella's tooth/gap sequence WAS rather hard to maneuver with the paring knife.  Consequently a few teeth went missing--easily remedied by skewering them back in place with a toothpick.
And voila!  Our masterpieces.  The kids were enthralled with their lanterns.  In fact they pretended the pumpkins were a family and brought them back in the next day to play with.  Jackson likes to dress his in a coat and scarf.  Oh, and he was devastated to discover I had roasted all the seeds--he was planning on a garden next year (where? I have no idea).  Fortunately for him, Grandma has seeds and is planning a pumpkin patch of her own. ;o)


Kathryn said...

Nicely done, kids.......ahem.......Janna! :)

Anna said...

Oh these turned out SO cute! ..and what a project, I love them all. :)