Friday, October 22, 2010

Owen~10 months old!

We made a 2nd trip (this week) out to Pioneers Park today for a little picnic lunch--egg salad sandwiches, honey crisp apples and caramel dip, chips, and a little something I found at the store this morning . . . pumpkin spice egg nog! ;o) This weather is incredible and sitting there at a picnic table, with our picnic fare, and leaves leisurely floating down around us is nothing short of exhilarating. Sometimes I think what I love most about home schooling is the joy of just getting to "be"--functioning on our own schedule and getting to savor life at our own pace.
So, it was beautiful. The kids made leaf piles and gathered sticks. I snapped a few pics of the littlest man who just-so-happens to be ten months old today--

Just this week he's connected what sounds like him saying "bye-bye" with the hand-waving action, and he is also saying "pump" when shown a pumpkin.(Of course that would be one the first words I teach him!) ;o)  I love hearing all of his baby jabbering--it never fails to make me smile.  He has taken another step or two, but still hasn't made walking his main mode of transportation.  His favorite place to play would probably be the kitchen, opening drawers and cupboards, slamming bowls on the floor, tearing pages out of phone books.  Oh--he also likes to bite the toilet paper while it hangs from the holder. ;o) A wee bit of mischief making going on here. But we are definitely enjoying the celebration of fall from his perspective--crunchy leaves, smooth pumpkins, cozy blankies . . .
pure bliss.


Kathryn said...

Glad you enjoyed the beautiful fall day! I can't believe your baby is 10 mos already!!! That outfit he has on is *so* darling and makes him look so grown up.

Anna said...

Oh, I love this posting! Those pics are SO good of him, and what a fun celebration. ..and his first words! How cute, he'll be a verbose little guy already talking at 10 months. :)