Monday, October 11, 2010

Jackson's Literature Preferences

I would venture to say we get to the library often.  Friday is our "library day" although sometimes it doesn't happen until Saturday.  And of course, sometimes we miss a week--or two. ;o) But usually I have holds to pick up, and it seems they need to be picked up on any random amount of days, so the library sees our smiling faces a lot.  Except when we are fighting over who gets to "push the button" to open the door.  Then they are not so smiley.

Anyway, last year Jackson would bring his backpack and fill it with videos.  He had his "go-to" videos, like the shark one, the Magic Schoolbus ones, and either a few Thomas the Train or Veggie Tales.  In fact I can't count how many times I would bring back the shark video only to have him check out another copy on the same visit.  He is quite the creature of habit.

This year, I've been happy to see a book or two make it in amongst the videos--and I've even found him sitting in an aisle flipping through a book. 

Last week we had a break-through--in his backpack nary a video was found, just these:
I *think* we're moving in the right direction?
Can you say B-O-Y? ;o)

(On a side note, I've yet to do a read-aloud with one of these superhero books.  Does that make me a mean mom?  Everything I've read says read them good literature, and I just don't feel like those fall into that category . . . )


Anna said...

Wow, congrats on the step-up too books, that's great! :) I know my husband went through his childhood checking out comic his active and adventurous selection that is oh-so-Jackson. :)

Kathryn said...

A pile of books that looks oh so familiar!