Friday, October 1, 2010

Harvest Time

Today was our annual combine ride day!  The weather has been perfect harvesting weather and my mom informed me the other night that my dad was very near being done with picking corn. Since soybean harvest is rather BORING, we skipped school and hurried on down before we missed our chance. ;o)  Jackson packed his backpack with toys he thought would appreciate the ride, Woody, his model combine, and "Alvin" the baby (remember him?). 

And while they enjoyed their rides I visited with my mom, enjoyed her preparing lunch, made off with some of her garden tomatoes, and snapped a picture of some prairie--
And had myself a little "foliage forage"--
Don't laugh at my "arranging."  Is is SUPPOSED to look all messy and lopsided like that. ;o) Actually I just grabbed a bit of this and a bit of that, "lovely wayside things" that just needed to be collected and enjoyed, bringing a bit of the country back home with me.
A perfect day to usher in the first of my FAVORITE month. ;o)


Mom said...

So glad you was fun as always! (However, at 4:00 I discovered water in the basement...sewer drain must be acting up.)

You can still come back for the boring bean harvest, if you want!

Kathryn said...

This city girl just learned something new. Corn=fun Beans=boring. :) *So* glad you took advantage of a glorious day and learning in a different sort of way. Yay for the *beauty* of homeschooling!

Anna said...

Oh I LOVE these pics, what a fun time for the kids...and especially for Fall bouquet, how festive. :)