Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy 9th Sweet Marissa!

Oh Marissa . . .
I've thought about this day for awhile, the day where I'm "half done" raising you, knowing if the first nine years can fly like they have, the second nine can only go equally as fast.  (Although, I have a sinking feeling they will be faster).  You were the baby I looked forward to for all my growing-up years, the little girl I couldn't wait to have.  And you are everything I ever dreamed you to be.
 And here you are turning nine on me. The glimpses and glimmers of little girl-dom beginning to fade and this older-girl-on-the-brink-of-young-lady is standing in her place.  Most often you are found with your nose buried in a book--to the point I've had to ask you to please stop reading and rejoin life for awhile.  And I smile because my parents had to do the same with me.  You love to write and you love history. . . as well as playing dodge ball and catching frogs.  Daddy and I laugh because you are such an interesting combination of the both of us . . . my bookish-ness, his outgoing personality, my penchance for rules and fairness, his love of adventure . . . It makes you, uniquely you.  And YOU are delightful.  You want to please and you want to help.  I don't know what I would have done without all your awesome assistance this last year.  You are the best big sister! I'm so happy you are my daughter.
And yes, you are one of my bestest friends. ;o)

You've humbled me so many times in your thoughtfulness of others.  Including the preparation of your birthday party, which you told me I didn't have to do if it was too much work for me. 
Work or not, you deserved it. 
We are thrilled to celebrate you, and the beautiful girl--inside and out--that you are growing to be.
Keep letting that light shine Marissa!
May you glorify God in all you do.
Thank you for bringing so much joy and sunshine to my life.
Happy, happy birthday my sweet Rissy-girl!


Mom said...

Lots of love to Marissa...a special girl indeed. Praying for her as she grows up....and yes, it will go by fast. I know! Love and happy birthday to her and to her wonderful Mom!

Anna said...

Oh, this is SO SWEET! Happy birthday sweet Marissa. May the Lord continue to bless your young life as you seek Him in all your ways.

Kathryn said...

Happy birthday to your girl....and YOU! :) Very sweet tribute to her!