Thursday, October 28, 2010

Book Recommendation

I came across this book, recommended on a few blogs, and while I was not sure I wanted to buy it, I did think I wanted to read it.  Did you know you can request our local library purchase a book?  Now, they haven't heeded all my requests, but every now and then they do and I get first dibs.  ;o) 
It's been a good read.  I'm not saying I agree whole-hearted with everything he says (this is not a Christian parenting book) but he does present some good common-sense/old-fashioned ideas when it comes to raising kids.  It's a book about simplification, as it pertains to:
 ~home environment--we have too much stuff
~daily rhythms/schedules--we put our kids in myriads of activities and rush them around leaving them not enough time to just play (boredom is good!)
~filtering out the adult world--kids are exposed to way too much by way of tv/video games/computer/adult conversation
 I have found lots of good "nuggets" to put to practice in our life at home--like candlelight dinners and cloth napkins for instance.  Of course there has been more inspiration to keep decluttering--a job that just never seems finished here. ;o)  This book has been a good encouragement to keep striving for a simple and quiet home life, where our home is a haven from the outside world.  It has definitely given me more food-for-thought as Christmas approaches and we plan for gifts that will be bought--I think somebody will be getting some rope and clothespins for fort-building. ;o)  Soooo, if you're looking for a good read I happen to know that the library has four copies . . . although one is still in my possession. ;o)

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Anna said...

Ooh I love your book tips! This one sounds good, I am in line with that kind of thinking and will jot it down for later...