Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tools of my trade--

Last week I treated myself to three, brand-spanking-new . . .
laundry baskets.
 (it's okay to look, I tucked all unmentionables out of the way) ;o)
They're my favorite, three handles, a contoured hip, gently holds one load of laundry, or two really, really squashed ones.  Actually, technically it is not a load of laundry, but get this, 1.25 bushels.  At least that is what the sticker said, claiming how much it could hold.  I shared this fact with my farmer father, tickled by the idea that while he is out harvesting bushels of corn I've got my own harvest going on--bushels and bushels of clothes.  Each weekend it is my goal to get caught up, usually, come Sunday evening I'm pretty happy with the state of the laundry.  I think I can coast on Monday.  Today I was busy, and still basking in the "I'm so on top of my laundry" afterglow. So when I went down this evening and divvied up the piles you can be sure I was shocked to discover:
2 loads of towels
1 load of dark
1 load of light
All of Emmett's bedding
I don't know how many bushels of laundry I do each week, I always plan on counting, just out of curiosity, but I have a feeling some things are better left to my imagination. 
Hence, the reason I treated myself to three new baskets.
Well, that, and the fact that the "laundry toboggans" of last fall proved not-so-kind to the handles.  I think a few times it's fine, but it's not a good idea to make a habit of it.  Particularly if you've managed to squeeze a good three bushels of laundry into afore-mentioned basket . . . That poor basket doesn't stand a chance upon impact.  And if that three bushels happens to be full of sopping wet towels from a bathing experience gone awry?
I've had better ideas. 

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Anna said...

Oh, this made me laugh!!! I do love your laundry tobaggin idea, what a thrill in the midst of the doldrum. ..wishing you a very fruitful and plentiful laundry harvest...actually I should be wishing you a gaunt one, eh?