Monday, September 13, 2010

School Stuff

(subtitled: the summary of weeks 4&5)
I wanted to be better about keeping track of what we're doing school wise.  Unfortunately, when we are in the midst of a school morning, rarely do I pause for pictures.  It is REALLY busy during those hours.And if I'm going to be honest, today I realized why it is so crazy during that time.No, it is not because of all the subjects the girls and I are delving into.
It's all the little boys on the loose in my house!
Josh took them out to do some "men's work" this morning (currently there are a few mornings Josh has "free" each week). Can I tell you how quiet, peaceful and easy it was to get our work done with no interruptions?  Things went lickity split!! Unfortunately, that can't be the norm . . . ;o)We've been learning about ancient Egyptian culture, pyramids, and some of the fall Jewish holidays.I wish we were doing more of the projects, but they have yet to materialize.  I did find some coloring pages to print off online--one of a shofar, one of a Sukkoth--so we'll add those to a section of our notebooks.  I've consoled myself with the fact that technically Sukkoth occurs later in September, so even if I don't do anything when the book says, I could make it more "real" and do it when it is actually supposed to happen. Right? ;o)
The boys and I have been working on the ABC notebooks, and have changed out our veggie books for apple/fall books.  The favorite has been one that details the applesauce making process.  I think we might try to do that sometime in the next few weeks--hopefully with apples we will pick ourselves.  A fun little play-dough activity we did (got the idea from a Montessori blog):
I used my normal play-dough recipe, added red food coloring gel and lots of cinnamon and apple pie spice for "apple" play dough.  Then I broke a small pile of sticks off of my grapevine (I tell you, that stuff can really multitask!) ;o) and went outside and robbed a boxwood of some of its leaves.  And VOILA! all the materials needed to make a bunch of apples.  Jackson really enjoyed this!  And truth be told, I had fun too. ;o)
This week starts up Awana activities--I have four children involved this year!  That just seems wild to me.  Sunday begins Girls of Grace (our evening church class for elementary age girls), and Isabella is very excited that she gets to start this year.  I guess that means we are at the point where "all systems are go."  I think we'll keep busy . . . ;o)


Kathryn said...

You have *the best* playdough ideas!!! :) Glad you could get a lot accomplished sans preschoolers.

Anna said...

Now those are glad you had a 'girls only' morning at home for once...bring the boys by sometime..or all of them! :)