Monday, September 27, 2010

The Scarecrow Patch!

 So, blogger has changed the picture uploading process, consequently all my pictures are out of order and wonky--bear with me. ;o) Up first, my last picture of the day! On Saturday we drove out to the Grand Island area, which yes, is a ways when you're in search of a pumpkin patch, but we had a free family pass, therefore canceling out the gas mileage, or something like that.  Check out The Scarecrow Patch.  I've been to many a pumpkin farm, and I enjoyed this one, the focus on fall and fun and not on all that scary stuff.  There were slides, corn boxes, a pumpkin sling slot, a duck pond, a menagerie of farm animals, "steer" roping, and just lots of good wholesome kid fun.
 Emmett loved the horsey.  And he got a ride.
 We ALL enjoyed the "gunny sack slide" it starts our super fast, but slows down nicely at the end.
 Kitty love.  They had a barn with a hay loft, swings, a slide between floors, and BABY KITTIES! Any time I couldn't find Emmett I would return to the barn and he would be there with a kitty.
And of course, the pumpkins--25 cents a pound.  We got many, and if you come over to my home you'll find them inside (all the "specialty" kinds) and outside (the orange ones).  I even got myself a blue hubbard squash, which I guess you are supposed to eat, but I thought it looked cool.

If it were closer I'm sure we would go back.  In past years we have also enjoyed Bloom Where You're Planted and Roca Berry Farm (I just don't get into all the scary stuff there).  Too bad I couldn't spend every fall weekend at a patch . . . As Josh noted, buying my annual pumpkins is always one of my biggest delights of the year. ;o)

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Anna said...

What a great place! Loved the pics, the kitties look SO cute. ;)