Friday, September 3, 2010

Redeeming a Week

I must say, we are ending up our week much better than we started, and with the breeze outside teasing of fall, I think all is right with the world. ;o) Things I'm delighting in--
Asking Josh to pick up some "big marshmallows" at the store--I didn't realize he would find BIG MARSHMALLOWS!!!! Check the size comparison to my hand:
A minivan sold for parts=$200 in our pockets
Cookie baking, ginger snaps yesterday, snickerdoodles today. Yum!!
The kids catching 15 frogs, and hanging a sign on our house that says, "5 cents to hold, pet, or look at a frog."  I think we have the edge on that market. ;o)  The leopard frog that's leaping from the container is the favorite:
Making time for an afternoon chai latte--daily--with whole milk thank-you-very-much. ;o)
Jackson adding to the bits of fall we have gathered (I'm curious where he found those flowers, but I'm afraid to ask . . .)
(Oh and Carolyn--the wild bittersweet opened! So pretty!! I think I will head out to my parents to see if I can scavenge up some more!)
Pulled out the sewing machine, hemmed up a pair of Josh's dress pants (not my favorite sewing project, but one of the most practical) and put together this little burlap banner:

It was a very easy project, involving burlap, some sort of quilt binding "stuff," and a sharpie marker.  And yes, all of my fall stuff is present and accounted for . . . has been for a few weeks now. ;o)
And for now, my head is in a better place--a happy and refreshed place--as we head into labor day weekend and squeeze the last bits of summer out of the next few days.  Wishing you all a wonderful time of rest, relaxation, and whatever else!


Anna said...

I love this post--AND your new header btw, WOW!! Yay for Fall traditions & decor..I'm loving that burlap banner, your decorating is amazing.

Unknown said...

Those marshmallows! lol We saw them at Walmart once and my boys *begged* for them! I guess they just need to send Mark....daddies are much better at *those* kind of things. :)

Love your fall creations!

Keeslermom said...

We love the giant marshmallows too. They are wonderful to toast! My son wants to trade a frog for a Madagascar hissing cockroach.

Keeslermom said...

Yes, we really do have hissers. I ordered one for our bug unit, and we were very blessed six weeks later when she had BABIES!

mimi said...

I'm so glad the bittersweet opened. I would love having some of the wild bittersweet for my Fall decorating too.

Love reading about your adventures in mothering. You are doing an outstanding job.