Saturday, September 18, 2010

Photographing Jackson

Apparently, he has a real fondness for his tongue. :oP

Yesterday, I wanted to get some pics to cover Jackson's already past birthday and Marissa's upcoming one (Marissa pics are coming . . .).  Jackson was fairly cooperative, but of course *endearingly* silly.   A few conversations we had yesterday.

1) "Mommy, when I get to be a big daddy can I jump out of an airplane?" said after watching some sort of sky-diving type people land on the field at the Lincoln Christian game. Me--*sigh* "I guess, but I would rather you didn't."

2) "Mommy, when I get to be a big boy can I play football?" said while watching the players take the field.

3) "Mommy, when I get to be big can I be a baker guy at McDonald's?" said while we were handing over some money to a guy in the drive-through, a little shake for me, water for the boys . . . ;o)

That boy--he can drive me crazy, but oh does he ever amuse me too!


Mom said...

Love, love the pictures!!! I love his thinking. Life is never dull with him around. :-)

Anna said...

Oh, this is SO CUTE!! I am loving those cute little bits coming from him, and the pics! He had some sweet smiles...although my fav is the 'monster' pose with his arms up. :)