Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Fun

(So, I kept looking at "siting" thinking something is wrong, for some reason thinking of the word "site" as used when describing, well, a site.  However, this was not the version of "site" I needed. OF COURSE!! I meant "sight" I was just seeing if anyone else was paying attention.  And I would go back and fix it, but truthfully, that is just more work than it's worth right now.  I do want to assure everyone that I CAN spell, and haven't completely lost my mind.  Although as Marissa informed me when I was remarking on my forgetfulness, "Well, you ARE getting older." Hmph.)

I'm finally getting a few shots posted from our Labor Day weekend.  I have decided that Labor Day should not be on a Monday but on a Friday--you know that whole "work first than play" saying?  Monday felt like a Saturday, and Tuesday felt like a Monday, and I was completely confused and feeling behind all day yesterday.  And now tomorrow is Thursday and I'm wondering where my week went and there were so many things I had wanted to do school-wise that I'm not sure are going to happen. 

But back to celebrating, it was our 3rd (or perhaps 4th? But I'm to lazy to research . . .) annual hot dog and marshmallow roast around the campfire, and the evening was just brisk enough to warrant a toasty little fire.  The wind was rather wild so we picnicked inside Grandpa and Grandma's shed.  At one point a rather strange and distinctive smell wafted our way, and we questioned the children as to exactly what kind of WEEDs they were throwing in the fire.  They claimed it was just dried oak leaves and pine needles, but I'm not so sure. ;o)  A few brave ones hopped in the pool one last time, but the hot tub ended up being much more welcoming.  In the end it was a very fun evening for us, bidding our summer adieu!


Kathryn said...

"Siting".....I noticed it the first time I saw your post but didn't have the heart to say anything. Glad to see your update. :)

Love these pics of your special time together. What a great tradition. Do you recommend the gigantuan marshmallows??!!

my word verif is "ingen".....that might be the way you choose to spell "engine" hee hee

Anna said...

I love this post, the pictures are so cute (those marshmallows look SO delicious!). What a fun little tradition you guys have. ..and I totally agree about the work first concept! :)