Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Few Firsts

Yesterday not only did Owen discover the joy that is opening cupboards, climbing inside, and setting up housekeeping:
 But he also happened to do this thing called W.A.L.K.I.N.G.  Three whole steps.  Now, I don't see him giving up his crawling anytime soon, and I think the walking was actually an accident--he was squatting, rose to standing, and then I think he miscalculated how far away I was sitting from him.  He reached and then did these three lunge-y steps until happily falling into my lap.  And I watched him in shock, thinking, "I am not seeing this!"  That little stinker of a nine month old! ;o)

And then there was a first that I wasn't exactly pleased about.  Have you any idea what this is?
If you guessed "Isabella's cheat sheet for her spelling test" you win the prize. :oP  I was giving her a test today and noticed her looking down after the first and second word.  I thought it looked suspicious, but seriously where would she ever get the idea of a cheat sheet?! I asked her what she was looking at and guiltily she showed me.  *jaw drop* Just goes to show how inherently sinful they are, huh?  We had a little talk about how cheat sheets are a big no-no.  As Josh put it though, "What kind of first grader comes up with a cheat sheet?"  In my head I quite saucily answered, "YOUR daughter. " Some things are just better said in my head though, you know?  ;o)


Kathryn said...

Look at that little man all pleased with himself in the cupboard!!! (How organized you are that a baby can fit in there with all the stuff!) I can't believe he is "walking." Make. Him. Stop. ;)

I never would have guessed that to be a cheat sheet. Oh, the lessons of homeschooling go so *far* beyond the textbooks!

Keep up the good work with those precious kiddos!

Tiff said...

You know, I had the same thought yesterday that you did about Isabella...we are all sinful. It is not learned. Katelyn bites and most kids do. Where do they learn that? You guessed! Keep your chin up; you're doing a wonderful job!

Anna said...

Ah!! I'm in shock that he's taken his first steps! at 9 months, wow. No taking it slow for him, huh. ..and I had to wince at the little cheat sheet...hope there was a good lesson learned. :)