Thursday, November 5, 2009

Winter Book List

Here's a list of books I've been compiling to fill our book shelf with come December. We won't be doing any "actual" school, but we will still be enjoying and learning about the season--from the spiritual side and about winter nature/season changes. All are available at our local library. Some we've read before, and some I'm just going off of Am.azon reviews--so if you check one out and it's awful for whatever reason, know you were warned. ;o) I'm sure this list will be honed down in the following years as we discover our favorites. Just thought I would share in case anyone else is interested. (And if you have a good wintry book to recommend leave it in the comments). Happy reading! ;o)

The Kids Winter Handbook (Drake)
Snow Amazing (Drake)
The Big Snow (Harder)
Dear Rebecca Winter is Here (George)
Flannel Kisses (Brennan)
In the Snow; Who's Been Here? (George)
On a Wintry Morning (Chaconas)
Stranger in the Woods (Sams)
Time to Sleep (Fleming)
When Winter Comes (Van Laan)
Winter is the Warmest Season (Stringer)
Winter Visitors (Hayes)
A Winter's Tale (Wallace)
The Shortest Day (Pfeffer)
The Winter Solstice (Jackson)
Animals in Winter (Rustad)
Crafts to make in Winter (Ross)
Explore Winter (Anderson)
Let's Look at Winter (Schuette)
Snow is Falling (Branley)
Where do they Go? Insects in Winter (Selsam)
Winter an Alphabet Acrostic (Schnur)
Winter Lullaby (Seuling)
Winter Trees (Evans)
Owl Moon (Yolen)
And now to work on the "Christmas Book List". . .


Anna said...

What a great list for your kids, sounds like some good learning in store...I've got to get going to the library.

Kathy said...

I'm loving this list EXCEPT for the fact that it means winter is coming. ;) I'll have to take a peek at a few of these. Thanks for sharing these---I need the inspiration as we're in a bit of a 'slump' over here!