Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Random Thoughts

I've done my best to remain a hermit since Sunday night. We did venture forth yesterday evening since Josh was home earlier than usual and did a whole bunch of little errands, like he runs into one place, I wait in the van with the kids, I run into the next place, he waits, etc. But by the end of that Jackson was sobbing in desperation because he was in dire need of a drink, Emmett announced he had to go potty (all while it was MY "van watch"). . . Reminding me why it's better to remain a hermit. ;o)

But today is Wednesday--violin lesson, orchestra, and AWANA night. I ventured out of my knit pants for today and put on some jeans, applied some make-up, and had grand plans for actually doing my hair. But alas, that proved too much and it is twisted up in a bun, once again. I go back and forth between longer hair/shorter hair. Longer hair can be easier because there is more you can do with it to hide the fact you didn't do it. That's nice. But on the other hand shorter hair forces me to actually do something and make myself presentable. A "catch 22" I believe. ;o)

I'm still furiously nesting--lots of little projects, found the floor of my closet again, being really creative with meals because I haven't wanted to go grocery shopping . . . sloppy joes on hot dog buns works right? ;o) "Candy Cane Milk" is available at Su.per again, still just as tasty as it was last year. I tried a new cookie recipe called "Chocolate Peppermint Snaps" and they're REALLY good. Especially with a glass of candy cane milk. ;o)

Tomorrow I am taking a "personal day." Well, probably more a "personal 3/4 of a day." I have been in desperate need of a break from the cacophony (there's your word of the day) ;o) that has been home life lately and Josh finally has a bit of time to make that happen. So, he's taking all four of them on a field trip to the fire station tomorrow. I will enjoy having the house all to myself, and once they return I'll leave for awhile, visit my midwife, etc. It should be refreshing.

So, nothing too exciting happening here, just plugging along, and the time really is flying for me. Which is both a good and a bad thing. Kind of like the whole short hair/long hair dilemma. ;o)


Anonymous said...

I do short hair...I figured it went with the old age of 30!!! HA!

Tiffany said...

That last comment is from me...why it says anonymous, I have no clue.

Kathy said...

I'll miss you tomorrow at the field trip but sure hope you enjoy the QUIET!!!!!! :)

Beth said...

I love having my long/short hair. It allows me to look in the mirror and see long hair in the front and then having the short in the back is nice. I have learned to hate having my hair on my neck and touching the collar of my shirt...and I don't have to curl it. I can also still pull back the front portion to keep it out of my face. Seriously it takes me 10 minutes to dry and style my hair in the morning.

Anna said...

Cute posting...and SO glad you have a much-needed personal day! Enjoy the last month of your hermitage. :) Maybe a little longer with a new baby around, huh? We'll have to have the kids over for another playdate in December for all those last-minute things you need to get done! :)