Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Make a Memory" Christmas Countdown

Here they are, my grand December plans! I've been working on this for the last month, knowing that December could be a long month for me, (as each day I'll be hoping for a baby who won't show . . .) so I wanted something for the kids and I to look forward to each day. I'm going to hang up a long pieces of twine and clothespin 25--neatly decorated I hope!--envelopes to it. Inside each envelope there will be an activity to complete that day, some involve cooking, some going some place, and some crafting. I'm trying to slowly compile everything I need and have a "kit" ready to go for each day. Now when the baby brother does appear we may have to do some maneuvering, but I did try to keep the ideas a bit simpler as we got closer to my due date. You'll notice we're getting the cookie making out of the way right at the beginning! ;o) I also have a stash of Christmas books that I'll be incorporating throughout, but I haven't gotten those out yet (as well as using my list of library books). I've linked up as many things as I could find if you need directions on how to do something (and also so I have something to refer back to next year!). Memories we'll be making this year include:

1. Make sparkly pine cone ornaments
2. Make cinnamon dough ornaments in the shape of their hand prints
3. Visit the Children's Museum and picnic lunch there
4. Make Christmas cut-out cookies (sugar & gingerbread)
5. Decorate the Christmas cookies
6. Make homemade cocoa mix
7. Make gingerbread houses (from graham crackers)
8. Peppermint day— read LEGEND OF THE CANDY CANE (make peppermint play dough, marshmallows, cocoa)
9. Wood ornament painting party (just the simple cut-outs from a craft store)
10. Make a Christmas orange pomander
11. Have a cocoa party and watch a Christmas movie
12. Attend the live nativity at First Evangelical Free Church
13. Attend the Christmas concert at our church
14. Have a muffin tin meal with "Christmas shapes" theme
15. Make snowman head ornaments (going to give the craft you did last year a try Kathy!) ;o)
16. Make a gum drop tree
17. Read Gingerbread Baby and Gingerbread Friends play with gingerbread play dough
18. Make a snow globe
19. "Christmas Lights Tour" in our pajamas with popcorn balls and cocoa
20. Make jingle bell/bead bracelets and dance to our favorite Christmas music
21. Make a winter village—celebrate first day of winter, read some winter books
22. Make paper chain decorations
23. Christmas Card Making--stickers, glitter, markers, etc. at hand for creating masterpieces
24. Christmas Eve service at church and Grandma's House
25. Birthday Party Breakfast for Jesus and open presents


Kathy said...

How would you feel about 3 little men joining you for all these fun activities??? What's a few more, right? ;) These sound GREAT! You have such wonderful ambition and organization! Thanks for all these fun ideas--may have to incorporate some of them! Thanks for sharing!

Anna said...

This is SO COOL, Janna, I just don't know how you make time to plan all this cool stuff...loved everything, what a neat list!! My favorite was the light tour in PJs--what a fun thing! Thanks for sharing, I might have to copy your idea..and your list. :)