Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Kids Currently

We got in two days in a row of leaf jumping last weekend Marissa has fallen in love with Narnia and C.S. Lewis and has started in on the third book. She and her daddy have rousing discussions, and I have no clue because--believe it or not--I NEVER read them (I was more an "Oregon trail" kind of girl, not fantasy . . .)
She has also become our walking encyclopedia of animal facts, wants to be like Florence Nightingale, and can hula hoop with the best of them.
Isabella is working hard at her reading and can now play "Twinkle, Twinkle" in its four variations on her violin. She told me today amidst giggles that Marissa and her had a puppet show this afternoon followed by a nose-picking contest. I did not ask for details.

Jackson has become a coloring machine. It all began with "Larry Boy" and the realization he knew what colors he should be colored. Then it was combines and tractors, then robots. And then for a week, potato head after potato head, and now spider man. I am very thankful for free coloring pages online. But we need more markers.

And I think the days of this:
are numbered, if not completely over, because Josh found this:

on clearance after Halloween. It is now Jackson's outfit of choice. We've had it three maybe four days. And it could really use a washing.

And as for Emmett
he remains the "ham." His sisters dote on him and he eats it up. He stands next to the girls while they practice violin "playing" a wooden spoon--naked--while we all burst into giggles. He's been completely potty trained for a good month now, in the end soooooo much easier than Jackson that I would do handsprings if I could. And he also shares my obsession with munching on ice right now. Weird.
And that's what they've been up to, "behind the scenes." ;o)


Kathy said...

Yay for Jackson! Isn't it great when they find something you approve of to capture their time. :) Is he a lefty?

Janna said...

Yep--he's my first lefty, although possibly Emmett will be too. I'm left-handed and Josh was really hoping to have left-handed boys to play baseball. He may have gotten his wish. ;o) It also may explain many of Jackson's "oddities." ;o)

Anna said...

LOL at the fairy picture...this posting is SOOOOOOO cute, love it all. :) ...and is it too late for Cami to be entered in the nose-picking contest?

Kathy said...

I didn't know you were left handed. My mom is, too. I always thought that maybe it would show up in one of our boys but they're all righties. Is it a genetic thing? Mark totally was hoping for it, too b/c of sports. :)